Bamboo Geodomes For Hire

Beautiful. Practical. Eco-friendly.

Our geodomes are available for hire for weddings, festivals, parties, functions and events throughout Scotland and the North of England.


Geodome festival in the woods at sunset. Scotland.


The 10m dome is ideal for small to medium-sized events with a capacity of up to 70 people seated or 150 standing. It is equally appropriate for intimate events with as few as 30 guests. A small team can have the dome erected in a matter of hours. We have designed it with four modular doors to have in-built flexibility to suit any occasion. An entire front section can even be removed to turn the dome into a stage cover or a very, very wide doorway.

Hint: Makes an ideal reception area combined with the big dome.

A happy crown of people sit down for a wedding banquet in a stunning geodome decorated with bunting and fairy lights.


The big dome is an impressive space for up to 150 seated guests or 300 standing. Like the 10m dome, it is designed with four adaptable doors to suit your needs exactly. The front section can also be removed to turn the dome into a pavilion, or especially nice on a sunny day when the sides can be removed, creating a giant sun shade.

Two impressive geodomes set up in a field with a fire pit and stools in the foreground and a stack of straw bales in the background.


Our innovative design joins the two domes together into one wide flowing space. Perfect for connecting a bar to your performance stage, or extending the dance floor for more exuberant ceilidh dances. This configuration has six different possible entrances. The side walls can still be removed from both if desired. Total capacity of 230 seated guest or 450 standing. 

All domes come with ground screw anchors or ballast for hard surfaces.

A little more about our geodomes . . .

We love our geodomes, not just because they are beautiful but because they are also environmentally friendly and incredibly practical. A sphere is the most volume to a surface area efficient shape, allowing our team to use less canvas to cover it. This means less plastic and less weight. And less weight equals to lower fuel being burned when transporting.

What’s more, our domes are made from the robust material bamboo. With a higher tensile strength than steel and greater compressive strength than many blends of concrete, there is no denying its structural abilities. Another magical property of bamboo is its growth. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, growing up to a meter each day. Regular harvesting encourages more growth and during regeneration the roots remain intact and healthy, this helps to bind the soil and prevent erosion. But the key benefit of bamboo is that it has these properties whilst also being very light ensuring a quick, easy build and take down for your planned occasion.

Additionally, our domes ensure low wind noise as the taut skin on our rigid structures silences the outside breeze enabling the unique acoustics of a speech or band to projected within the geodome.

Finally, decorating our geodomes is simple as they are built with no uprights. This means that there are no structures blocking any views and there is nothing to stop the floor space from being utlised to its maximum potential. Tables, chairs, hay bales, dancing space, bars, stages and much more can all fit inside these wonderful structures to make sure your event is exactly the way you’d like. Our design allows for effortless decoration as every node has a ring nut on it, which allows for easy rigging of lights, flowers, bunting or whatever you choose.

That’s why we our love domes. Beautiful. Practical. Eco-friendly.